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Part A: What to do INSTEAD of vaccination.

Updated: Feb 21

DISCLAIMER - Your doctor, media and government will not support the following information, even though it is factual and proven every single day around the world, by professionals and laypeople. All of the suggestions below are preventing not just sickness but chronic and terminal ill health. However, as your doctor, media and governments depend on the big pharma lie for funding, they are fighting to stop your right to good health naturally. It is recommended you copy and print out the following information as a resource as the information freely available online is being systematically removed. The good news is that there is a growing community of medical and natural experts promoting and supporting this time proven truth, albeit under the radar. The thing of utmost importance to remember in this situation is, that long before vaccination and big pharma and all along, these remedies have been used safely and effectively - preventing not just sickness but death and chronic ill health development. As none of them can make a lot of money for big pharma, and there are no kickbacks for doctors, only those who practice with integrity and honesty will promote them. Thankfully, a growing number of experts are standing up.

Immunisation and Vaccination are NOT the same thing.

It began with the word Innoculation. Meaning pus or matter from the original lesion, blood or sputum were rubbed into a wound to bring about immunity. It failed. Spectacularly. But those deaths were used to somehow prove that using putrid matter could magically bring about protection from the very illnesses they caused.

No one is arguing bad disease exists. It just happens to be far more prevalent now than prior to vaccines even though we believe otherwise. No doctor or nurse worth their weight would recommend doing something harmful to bring about protection or a cure. But they do.

The thing is, disease as we imagine it to be, existed due to the environment in which the individual lived - nothing to do with lack of modern medicine. So think - and ask - why did certain plagues and diseases only affect certain populations? Why and how do these diseases even exist?

Because of poor sanitation, poor hygiene, overpopulation in squalid conditions, lack of a healthy organic diet, lack of access to safe and natural medicines, and geographical location. Rotten food. Lack of fresh air. Poverty. Filthy water. And the spread of bodily secretions - yes, the same bodily secretions which we are now told are used to protect - or bring about immunity. In fact, in 3rd world areas, disease still exists in alarming states thanks to poor sanitation and water quality. However, there are no massive epidemics of any of the diseases for which we are vaccinated. Yet these people are injected to within an inch of their lives rather than deal with healthy options.

Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of options to achieve optimum health - and to treat symptom sets which may appear. Most diseases for which we are vaccinated are NOT contagious. In fact it is argued in some quarters that no disease is contagious - it is simply a matter of bodily terrain, exposure to the same elements, toxic chemicals, foods, water and parasites. Given the right terrain, the same or at least similar symptom sets thrive.

So, what do you do to protect your family? Well, quite simply, eating a rubbish diet, taking up bad habits such as smoking in front of them, and injecting with known poisons which are not deemed safe enough to use in any other medium is not going to magically protect your child or build up their health. That old belief that fat babies are healthy babies has to go. Likewise, eating like kings - ie eating as much food as you like - cannot in any way be linked to good health.

But what if it is too late and we are already vaccinated?

Thankfully there are ways to treat an already affected body. Of course it depends on severity and how much time has passed, but there are definitely measures that can be safely taken to undo much vaccine poison damage. And sadly, just like the vaccines do not contain just one ingredient, there is no one measure which will help as a stand alone option. In fact, every single vaccine ingredient carries an entire catalogue of possible symptoms and side effects.

The thing to remember is NEVER just expect good health if you do nothing to achieve it. Imagine not putting fuel, water or oil into your car - but expecting it to run just because you polished it. Imagine not putting nutrients or even seeds into soil but expect a crop because it rained.. Even more basic, imagine not putting ingredients into a dish to eat it. That is what many of us are doing yet expect a good outcome.

The old standards - fresh air, sunlight, clean filtered water, sleep, exercise, relaxation, and healthy eating are the very basis of good health. But alone, thanks to the onslaught of environmental and pharmaceutical toxins, they are not enough.

Your fridge, pantry and cupboards should be filled only with what is good. Leave the bad for that rare occasion - don't have them on hand to tempt you. Every home should have a well stocked dispensary. Leaving it to fate, waiting until you are sick, leaving it up to strangers to magically make your kids healthy with some miracle shot, rushing to ER in the middle of the night - this is the true cause of chronic and even terminal ill health.

Healthy kids do not come magically from well baby visits or occasional poisoning at your local clinic. I guarantee that by the end of this article you will be shocked at how many natural and safe remedies exist for childhood - and adulthood - disease.

But what about protecting my family from the same illnesses that vaccines are meant for?

First, remember vaccines never have, and still do not protect, nor have they ever eliminated a single illness since they were first developed. Once you understand that, a little of the fear will dissipate. The truth is, every single illness for which vaccines exist, can be treated successfully using other means. If symptoms to any disease are apparent, ALWAYS refuse a vaccine as it is not only dangerous to administer at this time (and if your doctor or nurse showed you the practitioner package insert you would read the bold warning), but is completely ineffective simply because the reaction and actions triggered take time - and by the time this happens, the illness has already passed.

In fact, once an illness develops, giving a vaccine or some other well used pharmaceutical drugs is the last thing you should do -

it does nothing but trigger severe reactions.

List of effective and safe treatments for existing vaccinated illnesses

Firstly, as a homeopath, I recommend setting up not just a homeoprophylaxis kit, but a well stocked homeopathic dispensary - for protection and treatment purposes. It is a good idea to allow your child to build a natural immunity and for some childhood sicknesses, that means allowing exposure to the very things we are vaccinating for. This builds natural immunity and helps with various developmental stages, without which, children can not only fail to thrive but grow up with 'genetic' and so-called inherent weaknesses.

Along with the list, and corresponding treatment or even preventative suggestions, is the homeoprophylaxis (preventative) and homeopathic treatment options. There is much scaremongering in the media concerning pneumococcal and meningococcal illness - however, there is also much research linking recent vaccination as the cause - especially as adjuvants present open the blood-brain barrier, allowing a usually sealed system to be exposed to introduced infection. The following is not all inclusive - in fact, there are thousands of natural remedies available around the world.

What of all the other hundreds of communicable diseases?

Right now, there are hundreds of vaccines in the works. Let's be honest - most of us think vaccines are a magical antidote. Thanks to movies planting the lies (guess who funds those movies?) None of them are needed. If you treat illness symptomatically instead of demanding a diagnosis - instead of expecting a stranger to care about your health more than you do, then you will be far more successful - and have far less side effects.

Unlike vaccines, usually just one dose is enough. To keep in line with the vaccine schedule your homeopath may suggest repeat dosage, however this is not always necessary. Clinically, I have witnessed generations taking just the one dose and building such an immunity that when they are exposed to the most serious illness such as TB, they have a strong immunity while all around them, those who are fully vaccinated succumb to the illness.

As so-called experts realise that vaccines are not working, and they increase dosage repetitions, and release more and more vaccines, all we need to remember is that it is totally unnecessary. There is always something in nature, and something in Edenic health care, that is already available to prevent and treat any symptoms which may arise. And keeping in with the times, Edenic health provides a suitable answer with each new vaccine. Only safer and more effective. For symptoms you find a little difficult to manage at home please always seek the assistance of someone qualified to assist in this matter.


Do not forget analgesics when treating any illness accompanied by pain.

At the bottom of this article is a link to all DIY measures you can take, which have helped with the symptoms of all symptom sets for which we are vaccinated. For help right now, to take the guesswork out, do what we do in our house - have all the necessary Chrysalis Original remedies on hand (sorry, these are not sold outside of Australia, however if you have a group of people wishing to set up, a bulk order can be sent anywhere in the world).


First and foremost, LAVA is the remedy to have on hand to deal with all symptoms of infection and fever. If taken early enough (within 24 hours on onset/exposure) the inclusion of Aconitum has historically (and clinically) ceased development and worsening of symptoms, preventing the health issue present from becoming a full-blown case.


Chicken Pox:

LAVA for homeobiotic

PIQUE for rash

PSORA for pustules


TUSSIS for cough

LAVA for homeobiotic

PSORA for pustules

LUMEN for upper respiractory tract inflammation


LAVA for homeobiotic

PSORA for pustules

PIQUE for rash

Hepatitis (all):

STASIS for liver cleansing and healing

NATURA for cellular healing*

OSMOSIS for digestive organ healing

DYNAMOS for fatigue*

HELIX for parasites


LAVA for homeobiotic

DYNAMOS for fatigue*

TUSSIS for cough

AGUE for flu type symptoms

Flu (all):

AGUE for all flu symptoms

DYNAMOS for fatigue*

TUSSIS for cough

LUMEN for upper respiratory tract inflammation

VERTEX for headache


AUREUS for associated ear infections

LAVA for homeobiotic

PSORA for pustules

PIQUE for rash


DYNAMOS for fatigue

LAVA for homeobiotic

PIQUE for rash


AUREUS for associated ear infections

LAVA for homeobiotic

VERTEX for headache

LUMEN for upper respiratory tract inflammation


AGUE for all flu like symptoms

AUREUS for eye symptoms (photophobia)

DYNAMOS for fatigue*

TUSSIS for cough

LAVA for homeobiotic


DYNAMOS for fatigue and paralysis*

LAVA for homeobiotic

NEXUS for aches and pains

REMEDIA for heavy metal clearing*


OSMOSIS for digestive imbalance

HELIX for parasites

LAVA for homeobiotic


LAVA for homeobiotic

PIQUE for puncture wounds

VERTEX for headache

EVOKE neurological relief


DYNAMOS for fatigue*

LAVA for homeobiotic

TUSSIS for cough

OSMOSIS for digestive upset

PIQUE for rash

LUMEN for upper respiratory tract inflammation

Whooping Cough:

AUREUS for ear infections

TUSSIS for coughing

SPIRITUS for breathing difficulty

LAVA for homeobiotic


KATHARSIS for spike protein

REMEDIA for vaccinosis*

KARDIA for palpitations

LUMEN for upper respiratory tract inflammation


Remedia for vaccine clearing (especially heavy metals)*

Lumen for mucous (purulent) inflammation of head, chest, throat, ears and fever (old school tincture version of Fire Cider)

Mosaic for micro minerals and rebuilding healthy tissue

Osmosis for gastric symptoms associated with any of the above

Vertex for headaches following vaccines or associated with any of the above

Kardia for heart complaints following exposure

Spiritus for breathing difficulties

Pique & Tussis for mild allergic reactions

Nexus for bone & muscle aches

Evoke for neurological symptoms associated with the above

Dynamos for lethargy, myalgia and fatigue associated with the above*

Aureus for ear symptoms associated with the above

Cutis for skin inflammations

Helix for parasitic involvement

Natura for cellular health and expulsion of healing toxins*

* denotes remedies which can be ordered with or without silicea which is considered nature's scalpel

as it is able to excrete unwanted matter and is an incredible healing tool.

However, if you have implants of any kind in your body - pins, plates, pacemaker,

contraceptive implant, breast implants, valves, etc please choose the option WITHOUT silicea.

This may seem like a LOT, but when we consider the endless number of side effects of generational vaccination, weakened immune systems and the muddy waters of these 'diseases' we really need to be prepared for any outcome. With a relatively small number of remedies, we are able to deal with any of the issues as they arise.



Failure of first Innoculation (Jenner - smallpox)

Original opposition to Vaccination (UK 1800s)

Sanitation, not vaccinations (saved us)

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated (surprise!)

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