Healthy Living - at Home

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Have you ever thought about how many people in the world actually live & work at home? Despite the lure & attractions of living an urban life according to movies & media, a huge proportion of the world's inhabitants spend their days thriving - adn working in & around their home.

So, why the panic in 2020?

Think about it. We have been squeezed into ever-decreasing sized house blocks, urged to live in high rise, condensed homes, when there is more than enough to go around. 'Social' life now means going to shopping centres/malls, clubs, sporting arenas and other myriad man-made over-populated social gathering spots and we now feel odd if we enjoy our own company and solitude. Apparently, we are no longer normal if we thrive without a (hectic) support network. Why are we so scared at the thought of actually living at home? Why does isolation and quarantine scare us so much, if it is so easy for so many? More importantly, how can we make it better?


Enough with the panic buying. Nothing has disappeared. It is still all here as it was prior to the announcements. If you can't get to the store, order online. That goes for your favourite supermarket and is a huge opportunity to find new options.


What do you do, just because? Do you even remember why you do what you do, every day? Is it really convenient or was it something you found out about at the time which just became a habit, or even addiction? Is it good for you? Is it good for the planet? Does it affect others and if so, good or bad? Is there something you need to break? Focus on something else which will benefit you, your family or someone you never met.


How do you keep fit? Do you even keep fit? Why not start now? Dust off those old dumbells or skipping rope, hula hoop or workout bench. Turn up the music and dance! Don't have any equipment? Make your own. Did you ever hear of the woman who was so overweight she could not even walk to her mailbox? Now she is a fitness guru, all without any specialised equipment. Watch her story (1), it is inspiring. It saved not only her life but countless others.

Why not use a can of beans as a handweight? Check out youtube for at home, no-equipment-needed workouts. And what of the right diet for you? Thie pH diet (2) is my preferred diet; not the least because it saved my life, but also countless people around the world. It's not about cheating or eating what you think you like. It is about doing the right thing for your body and health, about longevity, and life itself.

Did you know that lack of sunlight not only destroyes your immune system, but also affects your mood (ie depression)? Sitting inside creates a catch-22; over time you become so depressed you don't want to get out to absorb those rays. And did you know that you cannot get sufficient rays if you wear sunglasses, simply because those rays are absorbed predominantly via your pupils?


Don't have a huge garden space? What about sprouting (3)? Did you know that LIVING food is the best food you can consume? If you do not have a sprouter, you can do it in jars and tie some porous cloth as a lid, with an elastic band. I have a few sprouters and still prefer to use jars. Seeds, beans, grains and even nuts can be soaked, rinsed and sprouted at home for fresh, high nutrient food and it takes a matter of days.

Do you use herbs? If so, how? And if not, why not? The lore about the use of herbs for health goes back to Biblical times. Medicinal or culinary, the uses are limitless. Yes, you can actually grow your own immune building medicines at home. And what of those incredible kitchen window herb gardens we see on TV and movies and wish we had? Shelves by a window, a bench by a window, or even a tray under a good light will do. How many of you have an old pretty baker's stand or open bookshelf that is not really being put to good use? Yes, you can buy specialised equipment or you can use some of your free time to DIY (4).


Thanks to ever-increasing urban development, the best a family can hope for these days is often a balcony or postage-stamp sized yard. Never fear. Ever heard of vertical gardens? With a little ingenuity you can grow much of what your family needs in tubs and vertical planters.

Yes, you can buy pre-made equipment or you can use just about any vessel for a planter. What about coffee bags (5)? Or discarded pallets (6)? I believe the world's richest, and least affected by social distancing today are the ones we in the west usually consider the most poor - subsistence farmers (7). They will just continue to do what they always did, still getting enough sunshine, growing their own food and keeping fit to boot.